This is a place where people too embarrassed to possibly call themselves a singer can hide out and curiously explore their voices in the shadows.

There is free training to go from fingernails on a chalkboard or strangled cat to at least being able to tolerate (and perhaps even slightly enjoy) the sounds that fall out of your mouth.

If you want a safe haven to dip your toe into the world of singing with no pressure, no strings and certainly no judgement – you’ve found your home. Welcome.

The Secret Society of Non Singers is an ancient society dating all the way back to 2015, created by well, me.

I was frustrated that there wasn’t a space for non singers to learn how to sing initially under the cloak of darkness and behind closed doors, so I vowed to create this myself.

While many secret societies have matching rings and hooded gowns, members of the SSNS recognise each other by the gleam in their eye. They have a certain swagger about them that their friends and family can’t quite put their finger on.

The smugness that comes from being brave, stepping out of your comfort zone and learning something new FOR YOU.


I’m proud to say that the initiation program was really exciting! I didn’t imagine I could change the sound of my voice in such short amount of time!
It’s really wonderful! Thanks for explaining it in such an easier way I really liked it.
— Ana


If you would like to test the waters to see if the SSNS is for you, you can get a taste by watching the video below - Start to Transform Your Voice in 10 minutes (we know that our members have other things to do, so we make sure things are short and very sweet around here).

Okay it’s 10 minutes and 50 seconds but that doesn’t sound as snappy.

PS: If you're at all worried about experimenting while other people are home, do a quick peek around your space to make sure nobody is spying on you and dive in!



I hope you noticed some exciting changes in your voice and had fun playing with each of the different pieces of the puzzle.

If you love the concept and are keen to find out how you can make even more incredible changes to your voice, pop your details below, if not – see you later and have a great day!


    Tell everyone you know about the secret society so that they get curious (and a little jealous) and start to explore their own potential.