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(in Elwood, Melbourne)

The singing lessons I remember having were yawn-worthy. The only things I remember learning about were breathing and pronunciation.

There were lots of fancy words and terminology thrown around but I didn't understand any of it.

Every time I asked a question, I blushed, mortified that it just wasn't clicking. I actually started to feel like there was something wrong with me, that perhaps I was stupid.

I will never let that happen to you. Hand on heart. Pinky swear. Brownie promise.


My singing lessons are now based on cutting the things I used to hate and adding in things to keep you engaged and actually enjoying your time in the studio!

  • You're told what we're doing (and more importantly why) every step of the way

  • Everything is based around what tone YOU want for your voice and what YOU want to be able to do with it

  • You can freely ask any questions without feeling like a moron

  • The studio is a safe space where you can explore your voice despite it being a pretty vulnerable activity

  • You get access to an entire library of vocal exercises so you never wonder what you heck should practice

  • Mistakes are embraced and learned from rather than used as humiliation ammunition

  • You're invited to optional get-togethers for students to watch shows/gigs and the odd karaoke session to add to your lessons - no embarrassing forced student concerts though I promise, I hated those!


Your lessons are tailored to you and where your voice is at.

I'll show you the skills and techniques that'll make your singing easier, stronger, more efficient and (this is key) teach you how to apply them when you practice on your own.

It's my job to teach you how to teach yourself, not string you along for the rest of your singing life.

I firmly believe that you shouldn't need to see a singing teacher every week for the next decade to get a handle on how it's done if they teach you right.


So if any of that sounds right up your alley, here are your options:



If you live in Melbourne and would like to catch up face to face, you can book a singing lesson with me at my studio in Elwood. Depending on your aim and your budget you can choose a 45 minute or 1 hour session.

If you're not in Melbourne, check out my ONLINE LESSONS page.



Lessons are often paid for in packs of 5 upfront. Paying for a group of 5 lessons gives you a discounted rate and gives you more flexibility with time changes if necessary.



Cash, direct deposit and (for international students) PayPal transfers are accepted.

Please note: Casual students must pay for one lesson in advance. All scheduled lessons are to be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours before the start time otherwise the full fee will apply. No refunds given.

Prepaid lessons are for one student and can’t be transferred to others.







I am a singer/song writer and I gig around a lot. I came to Kim with nodules and a very tired voice.

The techniques Kim has shown me have improved my situation so much. I can now rely on my voice and have learnt ways to sing that do not cause me any discomfort.

I have had singing lessons for nearly 20 years now and Kim is the first teacher that has truly helped me. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. She also happens to be one of the most amazing and inspiring women I know!
— Lauren
Since starting lessons with Kim I have gone from being very self-conscious about my voice to actually feeling comfortable singing.

Going to my first lesson I was so nervous, having to sing in front of somebody was like my worst nightmare! Kim did an amazing job at making me feel relaxed and comfortable and I came away feeling really enthusiastic and wanting to come back for more.

That was six months ago and I’m still here. Singing was something I never thought I could do, but thanks to Kim I have proved myself wrong!
— JC
Since starting lessons with Kimberley, my vocal ability has improved dramatically. Her fun, easygoing teaching style is complimented by her technical expertise.

She is an amazing teacher, and it is an absolute pleasure to attend lessons every week. Kim is always encouraging me to improve, while making sure I feel comfortable and secure within my abilities.
— Isabelle
Going for singing lessons was very nerve-wracking, as I do not know how to sing. Kimberley made me feel right at ease immediately.

Understanding my understanding or non-understanding of music, Kimberley designed the lesson to suit my individual needs. This gave me great confidence and I enjoyed the lesson.

I have been practicing the techniques taught at home. Can’t wait until the next one!
— Kelly