701 words about me

(FEEL FREE TO SKIM A LOT OF IT, I'll never know)


Hey, I'm Kim and I have the best job in the world. I'm a vocal coach who works with singers (and those too afraid to call themselves singers just yet). 

Most people believe that you should just settle for the voice you're born with because you can't learn to make it sound any better. My job is to convince you otherwise.

So many of my students come in with the belief that they can't sing or that their voice is not good enough - and it's heartbreaking to hear that kind of BS.



  • Absolute beginners who believe they can't squeak out a single note let alone try to hold a tune in front of someone.

  • Singers who are frustrated because they've been working on their voice for a long time but still can't get the sound they're after.

  • People who have no idea what they can do with they voice but want to explore it for fun. 

  • Advanced singers who want to focus on technique that allows them to walk into gigs or auditions and smash it.

Really, I work with anyone who is passionate about singing or excited to learn a new skill to boost their self-esteem.

If you want to make amazing changes to your sound, discover your unique voice, overcome your fears and see just what you’re capable of - you've come to the right place.

If you want learning to sing to be equally informative and enjoyable rather than dry and seven levels of serious, you're also in the right place (because let's face, it's meant to be fun).


Singing is not just something you learn how to do to impress people at karaoke (although if that's your jam, that's cool with me). It often goes above and beyond that.

It's something that increases your confidence as you see yourself improving.

It's something that makes you feel creative and more artistic.

It's a way to express yourself and your emotions (without the hangover).



I got into teaching because I wanted to connect with other singers. 

But I didn't just want to give them technical advice each and every week. I wanted to inspire them, show them that they can do more than they ever thought possible and help them to feel more courageous and motivated.

I was frustrated when I was learning to sing growing up that I put in so much time and effort and was still having vocal problems. I figured there had to be an easier way to explain these concepts - and there was.

I teach because there are too many singers out there beating themselves up because "they're too stupid to get it".

I teach because there are a boatload of people that need encouragement and that little push to help them take a leap of faith and start exploring their voice.

I teach because I am passionate about showing people that they can sing despite what their brother/aunt/choir teacher in Grade 3 told them.

I teach because there's nothing I'd rather do than to help my students develop as singers and as people.



  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Performance Voice.

  • I have spent a number of years performing on the stage and at live venues while continuing to learn new techniques and concepts from top singing teachers in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

  • With nearly 20 years of singing experience under my belt, I have taught and performed using a number of musical styles including classical, musical theatre, modern pop and rock and soul.



If I get your personal seal of approval but you'd like to take it slow and get to know my teaching style a little, head on over to Where Do I Start? 

If you're keen to just jump in and go on a first date (have an initial lesson or take one of my courses), take a peek at the Singing Lessons page to explore how we can work together.


I'm also available to answer any of your questions even if you think they're silly (which they're not) and help you decide the best plan of attack, so if you'd like to contact me, don't be shy!