Music is in your blood. It's one of the reasons you get out of bed in the morning. 

It has woven its way through your whole life and yet it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

  • The panic inducing, sweaty palmed performance anxiety.
  • The way your heart feels like it might beat its way out of your chest when you think about failing.
  • The pressure of auditions and exams.
  • The hard slog between periods of vibrant creativity, inspiration and motivation.


Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, exposed and share our music with the world is TOUGH.

Many of us are perfectionists.
Many of teeter on the verge of giving up when we receive criticism.
We take it way too seriously and end up deflated when our hard work doesn't seem to be paying off. We forget that it's meant to be FUN.


Hey, I'm Kim and I'm a self appointed cheerleader for singers and musicians.

I wrote this book because I've experienced all this mess first hand and see my students and friends go through it on the regular.


The Moderately Tortured Artist lays it all out there. It's a permission slip for anyone who has ever felt alone, afraid, discouraged or lost as an artist.

“I downloaded your book The Moderately Tortured Artist the other day and have really, really enjoyed it!! It came at a great time for me, and I read almost all of it in one sitting. 

I have been feeling quite discouraged and stuck with my singing, but the thoughts and experiences you shared in the book have helped me “reset” and gain some healthy perspective. 

Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your experiences!! I’m looking forward to going back and rereading it in order to reinforce these very important lessons.”
— Melissa
“I appreciate your efforts (and heart) in shedding light on the mental health aspects of artistry & performance & it’s definitely a noble & important cause.

I think the book will serve well as a reflection tool, something one can pick up from time to time & it will do well in aiding them in putting one foot in front of the other, when so needed. Plenty in there to ponder & chew over! It’s cool you’ve been honest in sharing your own battles, it always makes someone in a teaching position so much more relatable.  

Thanks for being brave enough to give to us all.”
— Shane
“I’ve been reading your book and I love it! Not only do you fill the book with very useful insight and tips, but you are extremely funny Kim!

You are so funny and I wish we could meet each other for coffee sometimes. Or wine or karaoke!”
— Rhonda
“Kimberley’s conversational style, raw honesty, and sense of humour helped me realise that singing and song writing is not something only for the “gifted”, but for everyone. 

What’s much more important than if your songs ever become hits, is that you give yourself permission to write, sing and perform your songs the way that’s authentic to you, your voice, your style and who you are.”
— Ryan
I felt like I was reading the story of ME! 

I’d recommend it to anyone who’s ever doubted their own self worth. And as a bonus, it’s so easy to read! Great work Kim.
— Peter
The book is absolutely AMAZING! There are so many times when I’ve thought to myself “she’s reading my mind”.
— Alison

If you want to get back to the real reason you started playing in the first place, lose the comparison and the self sabotage and enjoy the process again - let's do this.


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